Mindfulness Courses and Workshops in Sevenoaks and surrounding areas in Kent.

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention non-judgementally to events that arise in our everyday lives. Much of life can be fraught,†our heads full of chatter thinking about the past and worrying about the future, which can be a cause of stress and tension.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course teaches proven techniques and†tools that can help to relieve stress and anxiety,†boost concentration, energy levels† and improve well being. The course consists of a mix of meditations, body scans and simple yoga stretches (which are suitable for everyone).† The participants develop an appreciation of everyday activities to live a more happy and contented life.

The course is experiential and practical with taught techniques that can be used at any time†and anywhere. Participants will use a handbook to guide them through the course practices†with CDís of guided meditations.

Mindfulness is recognized by NICE, the body†that recommends which treatments the NHS and GPís should offer, as scientific studies have shown it to be effective for the relief of anxiety and stress.

''the practice of Mindfulness is not about changing yourself but rather about experiencing and accepting who you are and whatever you are feeling in this moment''

© Jane Rossi
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